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Introducing the 3D printing section of this site, where I publish prints I've designed.
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Although most of the stuff I do is software - I enjoy designing custom 3d printable items whenever I see something I can make / design for my use case without spending extra money on things I could easily make myself.

Anyways, I’ve decided to publish some of my 3d prints at /3d-prints for people to download and print. They’re currently licensed under a CC NC-BY-SA license, although I may decide to re-license some of them under a permissive license in the future. My rationale behind this is that these aren’t quite like the software libraries I’ve written and open sourced, but rather a finished product.

One example of something I’ve recently built is my webcam mount:

My Webcam Mount
A webcam mount I designed for my work setup.

Change Log

  • 2/25/2021 - Initial Revision

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