This page describes the privacy policy for and associated sites. This policy is subject to change without notice. Last updated: 2024-07-02.

Sub Processors

AWS acts as a sub-processor for and associated sites.

What We Collect

This site may collect traffic logs for analysis and security purposes. These logs may include:

  • Your IP address
  • The content accessed
  • Information your browser provides such as its User Agent

How this data is used

  • We do not share or sell these access logs.
  • We use this data for traffic analysis and security purposes.

Access, Portability, and Deletion Requests

We don’t have enough information to accurately respond to most of these queries. Due to the transient nature of IP addresses, we cannot verify that you actually generated any of the traffic stored in our logs. Therefore, we cannot reveal traffic information given an IP address to protect the privacy of our readers.