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  • solves beach parking hassles

    We’ve been hard at work building, a new service that lets you reserve parking at the beach and pay ahead of time. On busy days when all of the lots are full, you’ll have a space waiting for you when you arrive. It’s pretty cool, and we have our first partner lot, Flyhawk Parking, in Misquamicut, RI, available to reserve now!

    We’ve also got some press! The Uconn Daily Campus and The Westerly Sun wrote about us.

  • Just released: Day Plan

    day plan icon

    Day Plan was born out of the frustration of having multiple apps to plan what to do during the day. Class schedules, meetings, assignments, deadlines: Everyone has them. Keep track of them with Day Plan. You can scroll into the future, to see what you’ve got going on a few days ahead. It combines your reminders and events into one convenient place, and makes adding new ones a breeze!

  • Just Added - ColorPicker


    I’ve just posted a simple app I made a while ago for OSX. It’s a simple app that displays a system color picker window that can be resized, minimized. It also features a button to open the user color palletes (.clr) folder under ColorPicker > Open Color Pallete Folder (~/Library/Colors/). It works great with the Skala Color picker, which you can grab over at bjango

    Download Here

  • Say hello to FlipHop


    We’ve just released FlipHop on the US App Store! It allows students at college campuses buy and sell items by providing a common place to easily search and view listings.

  • Swift is open source

    I’ve been using the Swift Programming Language a lot lately, specifically for an app I’m working on. Apple’s released the source code for the components that make the language work. This opens some fantastic doors to using the language for things such as server apps, porting it to new platforms, and making it more widely available. Swift is one of my favorite programming languages I’ve used to date, and I’m sure it’s only going to get cooler with time. I’ve enjoyed writing server apps running in node....

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  • Hello!

    This is the start of my personal site. Here I’ll probably write about things I make, presentations I give, and whatever else.